Dasha Mamba

Dasha Mamba

A bewildering diva of Moscow's dancefloors Dasha Mamba with her guest mix in the new episode of Ophism Records monthly show.

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Kikimora Tapes

Kikimora Tapes

Canadian cassette label Kikimora Tapes is back with a regular mix by Unfollow. In the second part, he's joined by Berlin mavericks GOD69 for 30 minutes of their unreleased material.

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Ubu Kung Sound

Ubu Kung Sound

De-/re-constructed radio mess from UK shadow collective Ubu Kung Sound

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Eiko Ishibashi

Eiko Ishibashi

Japanese avant sound diva Eiko Ishibashi spinning modern composition, psychedelic chamber music, ghostly piano improvisations, gentle exotica, and more

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Richard H. Kirk special

Richard H. Kirk special

A.A. from Stellage.store dives deep into the tremendous archive of vital electronic musician Richard H. Kirk to celebrate his 65 birthday

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All showtimes are in Europe/Moscow timezone (gmt+3)
  • Spill & Spell w/ Headboggle
  • Rhys Chatham
  • 9T Antiope
  • Coucou Chloe
  • Genome 6.66Mbp
  • Shiva Feshareki


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