Alex Barnett aka Champagne Mirrors presents his brand new show “Scrapes”

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Mute Song

Mute Song

Mute Song (the publishing arm of the legendary Mute Records) with a Throbbing Gristle special on the anniversary of 45 years since the band was formed in September 1975

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Push The Button

Push The Button

Shane Woolman from The Wire magazine with his genre-hopping monthly show “Push The Button”

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A.A. from the glorious record store and label compiled 3 hours of bizarre dub mutations.

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Waxtefacts label with a first episode of their monthly show, hosted by Librarian. Expect a bunch of unreleased tracks and edits from friends as well as obscurities ranging from ambient soundscapes to groovy 4/4.

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All showtimes are in Europe/Moscow timezone (gmt+3)
  • The Canopic Lung w/ Dmitry Martov
  • Maxim Semelyak
  • Бесполезные ископаемые w/ Гарик Осипов
  • Fly Faced Necronomicones served by Marziveined Vampires


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