Push The Button

Push The Button

Shane Woolman from The Wire magazine with his genre-hopping monthly show “Push The Button”

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A.A. from the glorious record store and label Stellage.store compiled 3 hours of bizarre dub mutations.

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Waxtefacts label with a first episode of their monthly show, hosted by Librarian. Expect a bunch of unreleased tracks and edits from friends as well as obscurities ranging from ambient soundscapes to groovy 4/4.

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Последний писк

Последний писк

Armas Shpilev Vikstrom presents his brand new show “Последний писк”, full of unexpected and delightful musical curiosities.

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Заповедная музыка

Заповедная музыка

Anastasia Mikhailova with music memorabilia of her night watch in the high tides. A bizarre collection of avant pop, off-kilter electronic, and modern composition inspired by hydrosphere.

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All showtimes are in Europe/Moscow timezone (gmt+3)
  • Push The Button w/ Shane Woolman
  • Dale Cornish
  • Baba Vanga w/ Ken Ganfield


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Stellage.store w/ A.A. - 13th August 2020
Linja - 26th June 2020
Double Life w/ Tatyana Andrianova - 5th July 2020
Push The Button w/ Shane Woolman - 6th August 2020
One Chord Wonders w/ Alexandra Filimonova - 2nd July 2020
Dale Cornish - 6th June 2020
Strategic Tape Reserve w/ Phirnis - 6th May 2020
Mute Song - 29th April 2020
Esthetic Joys w/ Yssue - 2nd July 2020
Mute Song - Throbbing Gristle special 30th September 2020
Broshuda & Justin - 23rd September 2020
Vida Vojić - 22nd Spetember 2020
Dale Cornish - 2nd September 2020
Leyden Jars - 21st May 2020
Topics From The Tropics w/ Mesr - 22nd September 2020